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About Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is an experience worth a lifetime that you must partake in at any cost. It lets you explore Dubai in-a-go and is sure to leave you mesmerized by its stunning glory. This ride in the City of Gold takes you through its most iconic landmarks while you dine comfortably and amuse yourself with the live entertainment performances. Take in the breathtaking views of the buildings that glimmer at night and make Dubai a surreal experience. This Marina Cruise in Dubai transports you to the times of Arabian Nights while riding on the Dhows’ which are reminiscent of the pearling and fishing heritage that Emirates represents. This charm has been brought to us by Al Wasl, an award-winning dinner cruise company wherein Dhows’ work as floating restaurants and take tourists through its stunning cityscape taking them through Ain Dubai (largest and biggest wheel in the world), Cayan Tower, Bluewater, JBR and numerous other such landmarks. All of this is offered to you while being comfortably seated with live dances being performed for you like the ‘Live Tanura Show’ and a magic or puppet show, too. The Dubai Marina Dine Cruise lets you feast bountifully while taking you through its blitzing skylines and historical landmarks.

Buying Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Tickets Online

The tickets to the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina should preferably be booked online as last-minute purchases might cause a lot of trouble and you might not even be able to get those. Booking tickets online will put you way ahead in the game as you don’t have to worry about reaching before time, standing in long queues and wondering about the tickets. Moreover, it also lets you avail numerous discounts and benefits that aren’t possible when making the bookings at the ticket counter.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Ticket Variations

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise Tour with Buffet Dinner & Shared Transfers

The Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina during night-time commences with warm coffee, fresh dates, soft drinks and refreshing towels being offered to the guests. One can lose themselves in the melodies of arabic music and enjoy the view of buildings lighting up in the evening exclusively the Palm Jumeirah, the Atlantis, the Burj-al Arab and the Palm Hotel. The Dubai dinner cruise begins with refreshments being quickly followed by starters, then main course and finally, the much-awaited desserts. Furthermore, it also includes vegetarian, non-vegetarian as well as continental delicacies. The best part about this Marina Cruise in Dubai is the availability of shared transfers, which means that a shuttle is provided to pick you up and drop you off as well. The only exception here being that you need to reside in either the Deira area, the Bur Dubai area or the area where Dubai Marina and Media City are located.

Dhow Cruise Marina + Dubai Frame

You have the opportunity of experiencing two of Dubai’s most premium experiences by choosing this combo of Dubai Frame & Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. All you have to do is buy Dubai Frame tickets and walk through the glass bridge which connects the vertical towers and makes you feel like you’re seeing Dubai’s past, present and future making it seem like a 3-D movie. You are bound to feel like a native as this activity is co-joined with the Dhow Cruise Marina which takes you to the times of folklores and legends as you’re transcended into these versions of Dubai which exist beyond its modernity. The Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise lets you take-in this Incredible and glamorous scenery as you relish multi-course buffet dinner while enjoying the cultural Tandura dance.

Marina Trio Combo [Desert Safari + Marina Dhow Cruise + Dubai city tour] (Standard) + Airport Transfers

This is considered one of the best packages as it offers you a stay of two days and covers eye-grabbing landmarks such as the Burj Arab hotel, the Zabeel Palace, the Gold Souq and many other top attractions. One can also make a stop at Palm Jumeirah hotel or the Atlantis hotel and click pictures there. If this doesn’t interest you then you also have the option of treating yourselves to a desert safari and enjoy the camel rides on those perfectly curated sand dunes. The cherry on the top is that there aren’t any hassles for airport transfers as they too are provided in a private car, SUV or Sedan, depending on size of your travel group and luggage. The following day, one can head out for the Dhow Cruise Marina in a traditional Dhow and get mesmerized by its views and indulging in a Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise would just be the right fit for the moment as the cruise has an extremely exciting variety of dishes to offer. You can enjoy this luscious dinner under glittering stars with buildings passing you by as you float through these waters in Dubai.

Experience to Have With Dhow Cruise Marina


Dubai is home to the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall which is the largest and biggest mall in the entire country. You get to see these architectural wonders like the Yacht Club, the Atlantis hotel, the Palm Islands, and the Burj-al-Arab hotel. This view is perfectly complemented by gentle waters of the Dhow Cruise Marina.

Entertainment (Tanoura Dance)

The Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina isn’t just limited to dinner but also offers some live entertainment sessions inspired by the region's culture and tradition. When one steps into the cruise; soft, melodic music plays in the background with English, Hindi and Arab songs being predominant. This is followed by an entertainment session native to the Arab World, i.e., the traditional Tanoura dance which is a classic folk form of dance that probably originated in Egypt or in Turkey.


In case of a Shared Transfer option, the pickup timings are: 6:45 to 7:45 P.M. where guests are asked to be ready 10 minutes beforehand so that nobody gets delayed. Guests are picked up from Deira, Bur Dubai and Dubai Marina areas during this time. The sailing time is 9 P.M. and goes on till 10:30 P.M. The Dhow Cruise Marina provides instant confirmation within 24 hours. In case slots are unavailable then, an alternate schedule is sent by the crew members of Marina Cruise Dubai over their email.

Types of Dinner Variants

The variety of delicacies that are offered here makes this visit in the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina all the more worthwhile. It kicks off with coffee/https://www.tea and dryfruits, closely followed by starters that include salads, kebabs and soups. Then comes our main course which covers local and international cuisines especially, the Asian cuisine offering rice, dal, breads and vegetables which comprise the entire Indian Thali. The crew members of the Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise understand how different taste buds work and thus, they also keep food for people who prefer it a bit less-salty and less-spicy. People can enjoy these views either by an open air deck setting on the rooftop or they can sit inside in the A.C.s and relish their dishes peacefully. People indulge into these based on their tastes and preferences and a lot of Arabic specialties are also offered and one of them is, the world-famous Biryani. These taste-savoring, mouth watering delicacies, are available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian formats.

Why to Go For Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Never-Seen-Before Experience

This is a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to even closely live the folktale of the Arabian Nights. The Dhow Cruise Marina is a newly developed area and so a lot of people haven’t been there which makes for an exciting tourist activity. To be on floating boats and sailing through the land of deserts isn’t an everyday experience and hence, you must opt for it.

Exploring Dubai

Imagine you don’t have enough time to explore Dubai entirely, so, all you do is opt for this experience that not only makes you view it from a very different perspective but also covers a majority of landmarks just in a span of 1.5 hours only from Marina Cruise Dubai.

Architectural Wonders & Commercial Spaces

You get to view the Burj Khalifa, Yacht Club, Persian Gulf and the Dubai Mall all in their full shimmer under a starry sky or night depending upon the plan you choose just by opting for the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina.

Cultural Learnings

When you will be in an enclosed space with people from different backgrounds, all trying to understand about this one culture then, a lot of learning will take place, be it in the form of a Tandoura dance or merely sightseeing from a Dhow Cruise Marina. Even eating from different cuisines teaches us a lot about those places.

Why to Go For Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Essential Information
Timings & Best Time to Visit

Location- The Dhow Cruise Marina was built in 2003 and is an artificial canal city in the land of deserts built along the Persian Gulf shoreline. Address: Behind Al Rahim Mosque - Marina Promenade - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

Transfers - The transfer facility is an optional facility which you should decide whether to opt for or not. These are also one-way or roundabouts and hence, you have to keep that into consideration. Mostly these shuttles pick-up from certain areas only and you have to be ready at least 10 minutes before they arrive.

What to Wear - On Marina Cruise Dubai, people usually dress up in formals and smart casuals. It’s advisable for both men and women to avoid wearing anything that’s revealing from open-chest things to open-leg clothing. Also, make sure to avoid slippers and flip-flops too.

The Marina Cruise Dubai has two timings and runs in the mornings as well as in the evenings. It’s recommended to always go there during the night as the experience is outworldly and nothing compared to the day. The dance being performed there and live music, Dubai in all its lights, it’s an amusing sight to behold. Hence, the best time to visit becomes 8:00 P.M. to 10:30 P.M. at 9:00 P.M. as the sailing time and 10:30 or 11:00 as the closing time.

It’s advisable to be ready before time for the Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise and in case you are opting for a transfer option then it’d be helpful too as nobody else would get delayed because of you. Keep in mind that you can’t just wear anything on the cruise as there are some rules regarding that to be followed. Moreover, it’d be better to make your payments in advance in order to avoid last minute problems as a large group might be hard to fit into at the end moment.

The inclusions from Marina Cruise Dubai consist of 90 minutes cruising time in Dubai Marina, Yacht Club and Marina Towers with an International 4-star buffet with vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It’s got welcome drinks, water, tea, coffee, soft drinks, background music and three course international buffet dinners. All of this is accompanied by an entertaining Tanoura dance performance which sometimes can also be followed by a puppet show. The dancers here wear colorful clothes and weighted skirts swirling from beginning to end while performing interesting tricks with his props. It’s said that spinning without getting dizzy for this long is surprising and who knows; you might also get a chance to do the same.

FAQs on Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

What should I wear on Dhow Cruise Dubai marina?

On Marina Cruise Dubai, people usually dress up in formals and smart casuals. It’s advisable for both men and women to avoid wearing shorts. Skirts that don’t cover legs completely, sleeveless dresses, slippers and flip-flops are also not acceptable.

What is a Dhow Cruise dinner in Dubai marina?

A Dhow Cruise dinner in Dubai Marina includes a 3-course meal, i.e., starters, main course and desserts. Starters include kebabs, dips and dressings, and soups and salads. Main course includes a combination of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, national as well as international delicacies. Dessert menu also offers a variety of options to choose from where people can choose according to their tastes and preferences.

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What are the timings of Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina?

There are two timings. In the morning, they are 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Whereas, for the Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise, they are 7:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. The boarding time is 8:30-9:00 P.M. and9:00-11:00 P.M. is cruising time.

What is the capacity of Dhow Cruise?

The Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina facilitates from around 30 people to about 250 people with 200 people being the average number who are onboard at once.

Is the transfer option available from hotels to Dubai Marina and back?

Yes, if you choose the package called Marina Dinner Cruise (with sharing transfer) where you are picked-up and dropped-off along with other people.

What is the difference between Dhow Cruise and Marina Dhow Cruise?

The Dhow Cruise Creek is for the people who wish to witness the old city whereas, the Dhow Cruise Marina is for the people to have a luxurious and witness the skyscrapers in all its glamor while sailing along on a wooden boat.

How much does Dhow Cruise cost?

The Dhow Cruise Marina’s costs start from AED 89 with cuisine, dinner and soft drinks (aged for children between 3 to 10 years of age) and goes until AED 299 with VIP Reserved Seating and Unlimited Premium drinks.


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